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British Encoder MA36S Absolute Multi-turn Encoder

Brand: British Encoder

The Model MA36S Multi-turn Absolute is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that require an encoder with the capability of absolute positioning output. Its fully digital output and innovative use of battery-free multi-turn technology make the Model MA36S an excellent choice for all applications, especially ones with a high presence of noise. Its durable magnetic technology and high sealing make it a perfect choice for dirty industrial environments. Available with a 6 mm or 1/4" shaft and a servo mount, the Model MA36S is easily designed into a variety of applications.

Common applications: Robotics, Telescopes, Antennas, Medical Scanners, Windmills, Elevators, Lifts, Motors, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Rotary and X/Y Positioning Tables.


  • Standard Size 36 mm Package
  • Durable Magnetic Technology
  • Multiturn Absolute Encoder (12 Bit/40 Bit)
  • SSI and CANopen Communications
  • Proven New Turns Counting Technology - No Gears or Batteries

  • British Encoder MA36S Absolute Multi-turn Encoder

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