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MicroSmart FC6a All-in-One

Brand: IDEC

The MicroSmart FC6A All-in-One. High performance and easy programming.

Parameters such as the status of peripheral input devices connected to the PLC, results of logical operation to peripheral output devices. These parameters need to be checked and changed on-site. Simplify your work by using the FC6A's HMI module. No PC required.

Perform run/stop of CPU module, parameter check/ change, calendar display, and clock setting using the LCD with 32 characters × 4 lines and six buttons. Ethernet ports can be used for Email and Web Server Functions.

With cartridges available in 10 types, a small number of I/O and communication port can be added easily in a limited space. The FC6A-PC4 Bluetooth communication cartridge enables wireless communication with barcode readers and other peripheral devices. Eliminating the need to adjust the cable length on-site shortens the time for installation and maintenance.


  • Up to 528 I/O (incl. a maximum of 511 analog I/O).
  • Extremely fast basic instruction execution of 42 ns.
  • User program size: 640 KB (80,000 steps).
  • Easy and quick programming.
  • All-in-one type CPU modules are available with 16, 24, and 40 I/Os, universal AC voltage (100 to 240V AC), 24V DC and 12V DC.
  • CPU modules compliant with CAN J1939 communication protocol are available.
  • Full line up of expansion modules: 17 digital I/O modules, 8 types of analog I/O module, 2 temperature control modules, 4 analog cartridges, 2 communication cartridges, and an HMI module.
  • Refresh time of expansion I/O is 0.1ms for four digital I/O modules + one analog I/O module.
  • Built-in clock function.
  • Transistor output model has four pulse outputs. All-in-one type CPU module has four pulse outputs (directional control: 100 kHz × 2 / 5 kHz × 2). CAN J1939 CPU module has four pulse outputs (directional control: 100 kHz × 4).
  • CPU is equipped with USB port (mini-B: user program download/upload, monitor). User programs can be downloaded/uploaded from a USB port without supplying power to the CPU module.
  • Analog cartridge or communication cartridge can be installed.
  • SD card can be used as memory card for rewriting programs and managing data.
  • All models are equipped with an Ethernet port (RJ45) for easy maintenance and a wide range of applications using Modbus communication.
  • Removable connectors on all CPU modules and expansion I/O modules for easy wiring.
  • Equipped with enhanced functions such as positioning control for multistage control, interruption, zero return, absolute position management to meet the needs of various applications.
  • Temperature control is easy with PID monitor screen added to WindLDR and optimized auto-tuning.
  • Device value can be monitored and settings can be modified on the HMI module, which has an Ethernet port for a web server and
    e-mail functions.
  • WindLDR has status monitor function of CPU modules and expansion I/O modules. Errors or failure of each I/O module can be monitored remotely, and automated recognition of system configuration is available.
  • Communication monitor and I/O monitor functions on WindLDR improves maintainability of communication function.

  • MicroSmart FC6a All-in-One

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