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Horner XL7 7'' WVGA TFT All-in-One Controller

Brand: Horner

The XL7 is designed around a high-resolution, wide aspect ratio colour touchscreen. The display allows the XL7 to be used in a variety of ambient lighting conditions with 1000 nits of LED backlighting. Wrapped around the display is a powerful logic engine with built-in I/O and online programming - an invaluable feature for machine commissioning.

As a compact, powerful controller, XL7 can be used in literally thousands of applications from Machines to Mobile and Process Control Applications. High-speed Ethernet, CANBus and Modbus options offer you the perfect networking mix.

The XL Series comes with a wide range of field installable add-on communications options. You can select from the following: 10/100MBit Ethernet, GSM/GPRS cellular, telephone modem and radio modems. All options support remote Cscapeā„¢ programming, Modbus master and slave and OPC. Both the 10/100 Ethernet and GSM/GPRS cellular also support Modbus/TCP slave. A GPS receiver unit is also available for mobile applications.

The XL7 features Dual 100Mbps Ethernet ports. The primary port can connect you to the rest of the factory or the rest of the world. Link to Factory networks like Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP - while also performing standard functions like Web Serving, FTP file transfers, and Email. The second Ethernet port allows for a dedicated Ethernet I/O network isolated from intranet and internet traffic.

The XL7 includes two CAN ports. On one port, utilise CsCAN for distributed Plug and Play I/O over a 500m distance. On the second port, integrate our SmartServo motion control product line with standard CANopen. Through this single fieldbus link, all programming, commissioning, and real-time motion commands are performed for a tightly integrated motion control system.


  • All-in-one Controller with Powerful Logic Engine and built in Digital & Analog I/O
  • WVGA (800 x 480) colour touch display, with a high-resolution resistive touch screen (16-bit colours)
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet for Factory and World-wide Networking  (supporting Modbus/TCP Master/Slave, FTP and HTTP)
  • USB Port for easy programming and application loading
  • System button and five function keys
  • Dual CAN ports for Fieldbus flexibility
  • USB 2.0 FLASH drive support - transfer files between the internal microSD and the USB flash drive
  • XL7 is ultra fast! - 0.013 ms/k scan
  • Online Change Capability
  • 1MB memory; 32GB flash memory storage
  • Colour coded, removable I/O terminals for easy wiring in the field
  • Quick change backup battery compartment with 2 connectors
  • Two RS232/RS-485 termination
  • Four different models are available with built-in I/O and one without I/O

  • Horner XL7 7'' WVGA TFT All-in-One Controller

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